Pre-wedding blues

We were already geared up a month after the engagement, ready to hit the streets again to start surveying on the potential places to tempah baju / sewa baju, we were already discussing on the theme on both sides, when it should be held, basically everything la!
We went to Kajang, went in and out of all the boutiques available and we even went to Man Kajang just to see how his rates were walaupun tatau bile lagi nak kawin. I din know it was supposed to be hard to meet him in person, apparently according to Sha u have to set an appointment wif him first, pastu he himself pun jenis byk songeh..[which i got to know AFTER i had met him and he seems frenly?] haha dgn muka confident and tak malu ni (muka kene menten confident kalo jumpa top designer kan..haha) pegi la tanye die, how much does he charge for persalinan laki dan pompuan utk nikah only..i repeat nikah only. He wif his cool gestures while flicking through his photo albums said “RM3500 je dik…kite tade baju utk disewakan kat cni” kui3, terus dpt jelingan manja dari cik abg, dah terkedu la tu wif d price..haha..cik abg siap ckp “tempah baju melayu kat umah me kat klang lagi murah haa..elok je pakai” guys, guys…they just don’t understand! tp mmg mahal pun kan..haha well at least i have my 5min of fame wif MK..haha at least kalo org tanye “eh u penah pegi butik MK?” i can nod my head wif confidence..(ada jugak theory camtu eh)
I think that was the last time we were on our pre-wedding mood, after that everything just stopped. Stopped because :
  • my parents suddenly out of blue wanted to perform Hajj by this year, no matter what. I thought they were just saying it but after seeing them sanggup turun gi Tabung Haji in KL anta surat rayuan, spending their weekends wif kursus haji rasa cam if they get their chance dis year…dat means, their focus is no longer on us, but more on them..sigh
  • parents seems to be preoccupied as well with their work, my grandpa from my dad’s side has been unwell, hospitalised and still in a very unstable state for these past again, attention is given to those in need first. We can wait
  • i know i mentioned earlier to most people that the BIG DAY will be held by CNY next year but I doubt it will happen. I googled up to see when CNY will be, it’s in January. Way too soon. His mum dun want it to be done by February as well, bad month she said. I have no objection because I dunno what to object. What is a good and a bad month in Islamic marriage terms? No idea..and from our teeny weeny survey done this year, March – April has been a VERY RAINY SEASON..tak sesuwaaii nak buat last2, the tentative but not yet agreed month would be in May 2009.

Sigh..I know, lama lagi kan? so now, we’re kinda clueless on what to do. Dahla sangat kecewa lepas dpt forward email ni from my colleague…if only we get married earlier, DAH LAMA AKU CLICK KAT WEBSITE NI huwaaaa

Next plan in hand – kursus kahwin in June. Anybody wanna join me?



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. farah
    May 14, 2008 @ 15:38:41

    alahai, mcm sama je masalah kite ni. ;(

    my sis last time tempah kt man kajang in 2005, dlm 1k++ je. baju sanding my sis sewa, kebetulan man kajang buat yg baru masa tu, org 1st yg pki..syok la..utk tandang,diaorg beli. ntah bape ntah.. tapi man kajang mmg cerewet, die nk die sendri cr kain sbb klu korg yg cari, ntah pape jadi nye die ckp. masa tu yg 3k, butik citra. mahal mmg mahal tp beading die sume mmg halus & lawa.

    skrg ni nk make up mcm syu cantik, khairunnisa..roughly dlm 800+ kut. my sis dulu 500, my cousin masa 2007 rm750 kut..die mcm naik 100 every year. gile tul. mcm ni nak jadi makeup artist la.

    our plan is to get married before feb 2009 sbb on feb i convo, so nak la gi convo tu dah kawin, leh peluk2 amik gambar (gatal tul). tp my dad nye plan kena gi glasgow from aug 2008 til feb 2009 (x confirm lg), blk june ni br nk confirm betul2…hish..susah tul

    klu die xde plan tu sume, confirm dh jan nak kawin. ntah2 kite pun kawin may/june 2009. lambat lg la nampaknye…

    blk june ni sebulan je..sebulan ni gak nk prepare byk bnda…nk terus tempah bj, beli brg hantaran skit2. klu duk msia senang la xyah nk prepare lg, sbb duk jauh yg terpaksa prepare awl skit.

    ei, late june ni kite pun nk g kursus kawin, siap ajak kawan sume sbb xnk boring sorg2.


  2. Sharina
    May 15, 2008 @ 03:18:32

    Nikah dulu – tempah honeymoon kat airasia tu…

    kenduri kengdian….. heheheheh

    waktu antara nikah – kenduri tu paling best sebenarnya. 😀 ( mine you know the story la, 7 months gap )

    cam seronok jer bile gi tempah baju kahwin, boleh tukar sesama hahahaha…..iyola…dah halal kan…


  3. Nad
    May 15, 2008 @ 10:34:01

    U’ve been tagged! Hehe


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