Skang ni I wanna story mory sket about jus manggis ni..dgn nama canggihnya Xangosteen. At first when my brother-in-law-to-be (panjangnya gelaran haha) introduced the whole thing about this product and its business scheme, rasa cam malehnyaa aku nak dgr die pokpek depan mata aku ni. Dahla ajak jumpa on a Sunday, tgh ari buta when lagi elok gue berdating dgn tunangku je..tp almaklumla..dah yg menjemputnya pun bakal abg ipar, kene la menurut perintah sket huhu. So anyways, we met and talked. He gave us all the brochures, flyers, newspaper articles related to this product, the goodness of it and  said that the xanthones contained in the kulit manggis which acts as antioxidant in this juice will take all the unnecessary toxins out from ur body, repairs the damaged blood cells and also dianggap sebagai immune booster. So that’s where the name came from, Xan – xanthones and gosteen – mangosteen. When I saw the 44 benefits of consuming Xangosteen, mmg ada that is related to me and my fiancé yg nak kate supportive ke tak supportive ni slamber je ckp “haa yang, u kan berpenyakit. Try la minum ni” rasa cam nak lepuk je when he said it like that like are you trying to say ur proud that I’m berpenyakit? Dahla tersengeh-sengeh je depan abg die mcm waheyy we’ve found our guinea pig to try this product. Cit poodah.


I’m not exactly berpenyakit, but there are certain things that is constantly bugging me.


  • Migraine – memang sgt sensitive. If i sleep lesser than 7hrs, i’ll get a migraine. If terlampau silau or hot, if the environment is too noisy bunyi pumpampumpam, I’ll get a migraine as well. So mmg my sunglasses is my bestfren, asal naik kete je silau sket, kene terus pakai, if not..slamat la. Bukan nak poyo je sentiasa berkepit dgn sunglasses, ni pasal org sakit pale ye. Harap maklum. My radio’s volume dlm kete is max to 11 only – for those yg guna Myvi ni tau la ye. Takleh more than that..kang pening. Kalo tertido lambat pasal gado dgn si dia ke ape, if I sleep late after midnite and still have to wake up the usual time that I go to work, my head will be throbbing, silap aribulan kene amik halfday je.


  • Knee pain – I dun exactly know whether it is joint or muscular pain but my left knee will hurt if I tend to do extra chores at home and extra walking with heels especially. I went to the doctors already ages ago but they said its probably due to muscular pain, coz there seems to be no swelling around that area, so at the end of the day I was given painkiller and cream. Tu je. Kalo angin die dah dtg, leh berminggu-minggu berdenyutnya like last time kat ofis lama, mmg most of the time I’ll be wearing sandals je kat ofis, takleh nak pakai heels coz my knee will be throbbing, and if buat keje umah, vacuuming, mop naik turun tangga 3-4 kali start la berdenyutnya balik. Cam org tua je rasa. Sigh.


  • Muscular pain – another category of muscular pain is apparently if im anxious, or stressed out, I will tend to have shortness of breath. Mati-matian gue ingatkan gue ada asthma coz sesket kene tarik nafas panjang, mcm aduih la takkan another penyakit kut. But it’s only a muscular pain at the chest area, so basically I can’t be stressed out.


  • Kulit 3rd class – haha that is my term for saying that my skin isn’t exactly flawless and my complexion is not the one to die for. I don’t like vegetables, I only eat a handful of them : cucumber, kangkung, kacang buncis that’s it I guess so it really isn’t helping much in terms of wound healing as the scars will not go away easily. Org lain gigit nyamuk dlm bape ari ilang dah kan..mine could take a week. Even kesan-kesan Ciki lepaskan kehornyan die pun tak ilang laie. Bergaris sana, bergaris sini kakiku ini. And then my skin is dry, so mcm tak bes. My fiance’s skin is much smoother than mine and he is a guy! Haha..tah camne die suke aku yg comot ni pun tatau la.



But me being the typical me who is so freaking hard to be influenced, main angguk je la pale but still remaining skeptical mcm takkan la jus ni contain THAT much of goodness kut? Tapi takpe, still dlm mode menjaga ati ni, I said to my fiancé just grab one bottle and we’ll try it out. Punya la skeptical aku ni..iskiskisk.


Now, after consuming 2 bottles, ni la changes yg dpt I rasa in my body :


  • After consuming for 3 days in a row, migraine terus hilang sampai ke harini. Before that my head will be pounding everyday, but now so far so good. Even kalo tak cukup tido pun, after drinking 30ml in the morning masa pegi keje I dun feel as fatigue as before, I don’t slouch around but yet I feel more energetic.
  • During the first 2 weeks of consuming 60ml everyday (30ml in the morning, 30ml at night), by 9pm I began to feel really sleepy because this is its way to detox ur body, to improve ur overall well being.
  • During the first 2 weeks as well, the pain at my knee came back throbbing like mad..but now, the pain has lessen and will only attack like once a week for a few hours.
  • Jerawat ada kuar sesket to release the toxin as well but tade scar. Dulu byk je whitehead but now dah tade, only blackheads. My wounds are healing faster, yg kesan lebam tu dah nak hilang dah.
  • No more chest pain!


That’s why I decided to share Xangosteen’s benefits to u, bukan pasal nak mengaut untung ke ape, but to share and to help others to reduce the pain that ur going through. Maybe u are healthy, kire alhamdulillah la tu, but some of ur family members, colleagues, friends may not be as healthy as u. Kalo rasa product ni membawa kebaikan, ape salahnya share the word out to others kan? Because of that my fiancé has enrolled in becoming a Xango member and an official distributor of this juice. So far, sambutan yg kami terima very d memberangsangkan, rasa puas hati for me that I can help others yg ada high blood pressure la, irritable bowel syndromes la, insomnia la, eczema la, gastric problem. We don’t mind going back and forth to HQ to purchase the bottles, dah utk kebaikan sume org kan? We’re only selling it for RM150 way cheaper than org lain huhu.


Try to purchase one bottle first, see if it does any difference to u and to ur body. Kalo rasa ada perkembangan yg positive, and u wanna continue purchasing for long term, do enroll as a member, lagi menjimatkan but that will be elaborated later for those who are really interested. Now I leave u guys with the 44 benefits of  consuming Xangosteen.





1.Overall body health and wellness
2.Fatigue (may boost energy without stimulant)
3.Aging (due to radical exposure)
4.Immune Function
5.Assists other vitamins and antioxidants
6.Allergies (may act as anti-histamine)

1.Astherosclerosis Prevention (decrease free radical damage and inflammatory build-up)
2.Protection of heart muscle
3.Lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels
4.Hypertension (may lower HBP)

1.Parkinson’s disease(may protect neurons against damage)
2.Alzheimer disease (may decrease the inflammatory response to damaged neurons)
3.Nerve damage(may decrease free-radical damage especially common in diabetes)

1.Arthritis and joint health (may decrease inflammation, pain and joint damage assiated with arthritis)
2.Headaches, Migraine headaches
3.Fibromyalgia(may relieve muscle pain, whole body inflammation, depression and anxiety)
4.Sports health (may decrease pain and inflammation following sports workout and minor injuries)

1.Diarrhea (may stumulate normal bowel health, both diarrhea and chronic constipation)
2.Gastroesophageal reflux disease
4.Crohn’s disease
6.IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

xanthones from the mangosteen fruit has been testedin laboratory settings and found very effective against numerous infectious agents and related conditions including Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi and Parasites Fever

1.Elevated blood sugar (may decrease blood sugar in type II diabetes by making insulin more effective)
2.Free radical damage (may prevent organ damage in diabetics due to free radicals)

1.DNA damage (may prevent cell mutations due to free radicals)
2.Tumor Growth (may reduce the inflammation at the site of cancer)

1.Dermatitis (letak atas eczema and other skin conditions)
2.Wound healing
3.Acne (effective against bacteria causing most acne)

1.Glaucoma/Cataracts (may prevent protein cross linking yang selalu dikaitkan dengan glaucoma)

1.Kidney disorder
2.Bladder infections


1.Gum disease (promote gum healing in disease and after dental procedure)

2.Menstrual pain


info from :Natural alternatives using mangosteen, qualified voices, proven science, a refreshing option (Vol 85.2/88.1)




5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sakana
    May 29, 2008 @ 17:01:23

    rm150 utk………..? 1 kotak? 10 botol? 1 botol? tak jelas la kak miezaaaa. :p


  2. newlifenewbeginning
    May 29, 2008 @ 20:55:22

    RM150 utk satu botol sayang..


  3. sakana
    May 29, 2008 @ 22:31:23

    uishh ye ke. satu botol tu brapa ml?


  4. mieza
    May 30, 2008 @ 13:05:05

    ahaaa as explained in my sms, satu botol is 750ml, equivalent to a size of a mineral water la lebeh kurang, it can last for 25 servings of 30ml each day..


  5. Azreen
    Apr 20, 2009 @ 23:20:03


    are u still selling xangosteen ni??

    i nak beli lah…


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