Jeng jeng jeng…welkam, welkam to my new blog..

i haf no idea why i created this blog, bcoz im not an active blogger anyway but i got bored of the old one, rasa mcm alaa..enuff la dgn dunia Xanga dulu..its been wif me since my study days..tukar account name tp still stick to the same site to buang the old memories pun tade makna gak..haha..so baik tukar tempat laiin je la abeh cite..so kali ni blog ni is more carefree..tadenya aku nak mengarang ayat in proper sentences in English, i am being me, the real me, the me who likes to talk in rojak terms..hang suka ka, tak suka ka..ni la aku haha

sooo whaaatt haf I been doing over these past few months ek…byk mende woo smp aku pun dah naik biol..meh nak recap jap in bullet form

  • dulu most of u know gue keje kat shipping company tu kan..haa no need la to sebut the name, alaa yg container kaler silver and blue tu..ada bintang tujuh tuu..huhu. anyways, i quit oledi..on 29th February 2008 (tahun lompat tu haa..so every 4 years la is my anniversary of my last day there) haha..and then a month later, 24th March 2008, i started work here..i show u the logo of my company ya..u work out urself the name of it

tau dah ke? hehe..so yeah here i am now, back to where i came from in Cyberjaya…pi mai pi mai tang tu gak, blajo kat situ..keje pun akhirnya landing kat sini balik. i dunno how long will i stay here for..i already have doubts..but, am trying to think positive coz usually tempat yg aku tak tahan nak keje la is the longest i’ll stay..camne tu?

  • i am now a distributor of a health product..ahaaa..$$$$, kepek still jalan..but now i have additional side income to help me…nak wat camne, nak kawin duit byk pakai duh..
  • what else to update? ahaa..i know how to do reverse parking now! haha..but only at my office parking lot la..reason being coz i usually arrive early, tade kete  kiri kanan..so why not try practicing reverse parking. so now every morning i will reverse park my car..bangga ke tak bangga tu..at least cik abg bertuah tu tade la nak show off everytime like before mementang la aku ni tak reti reverse parking haha
  •  and u knoww…i haf this besfren la, very unique frenship i haf wif her. i have known her since we were 14 years old..and our communication is only via internet, a bit of phone calls and telegram..haha telegram ek..aa yela dulu kitorang rajin anto surat sket..yela sorang dok kat Penang, sorang dok kat Johor. After 10 years of frenship, dedue dah abeh skolah, uni and dah keje, i have only met her once..tu pun mcm 15min je in 2001..pastu tak jmp dah…but then now since i have worked in Cyber and she is becoming my regular customer in my 2nd side income tu..i can meet her slalue u knoww..since she also now is working in Putrajaya.haa sape kate frenship will not last long eventho via internet je..kengkadang kwn camni laie bleh diharapkan dari yg ada depan mata tau..very d bangga hehehe

haa i haf a meeting now to attend..nanti bebila i continue rambling here yee, change watever settings that are necessary and make it more me whatever pun ppl..welkam to my new blog!



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. dizzyfly
    May 07, 2008 @ 14:53:27

    hik hik. proud to be in the unique friendship too. *winks* luv ya babe!


  2. dizzyfly
    May 07, 2008 @ 14:54:10

    owh lupe. jeng jeng jeng. tu bukan ke words yang kita slalu guna masa zaman dulu2 hehehehehe. esp with ami. hahaha.


  3. hasanah
    May 07, 2008 @ 15:43:42

    i’ve bookmarked your new blog. 😉

    aiyark, dah keje kat cyber ke? nape tak contact! i’m still in cyber nii.. we should meet up! hehehe.


  4. farah
    May 07, 2008 @ 17:44:24

    aiyok,dh tukar ke..

    any way, i have a friend mcm tu gak i met in 1995. so, surat tu mesti ada..cume she’s a japanese i met in US. the last time i met her in 1996. pastu xde dh..

    maybe next time jumpe bile wedding masing2 kut…hhaha..hopefully


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