The real working world?

Ni la masalahnya bile angin blogging dah dtg eh..byk je mende nak tulis..hehe..i think dis is my way of releasing the stress that has been accumulating inside me.

when ppl ask me how’s work? i’ll just say..yeah its going on well, just bombarded with one training after the other..u know, ayat diplomatic kononnya, plus ayat nak sedapkan hati aku ni..when in fact, there’s no such thing as work yet at the moment. There was one week induction, and then 4 weeks of Oracle training and now, totally restless before the work goes live at the end of next month..mati kutu la aku dibuatnya..tu yg tetibe out of the blue buat blog baru ni haha.

Anyway..reason aku nak pokpek kat cni is because of my own dilema as me being me. Haha. From my previous working place, majority are all 80 babies..sume sekepala, sume huha, sume talk on the same thing..tak rasa bodo langsung, tak rasa childish..rasa bes je memanjang eventho the work is so shitty (kalo keje tak shitty mmg aku stay je kat sana)

American Idol..America’s Next Top Model, Prison Break..Heroes..Melodi..AF..haa ape lagi sume topik2 camtu..topic about a certain person’s blog ke, cite pasal relationship ke nak tibai pasal pasangan memasing was all under the roof..basically it was bliss having these guys around..

Skali bile masuk tempat baru ni…errkk, I looked at the list of newbies, alamak, i’m the youngest???? i was born in 1983..i’m only 24-ish..where are the 80 babies? i looked again at the list, recounted back the whole of 53 ppl that entered the same day as I did, one person, two, three..(including me). adoii..3 org je??? how am I gonna surviveeee? gile saiko I tell u..I told myself, u have no choice my dear..u just gotta get along wif these seasoned ppl..haha no offence la to those yg 60-70 babies ni ye..culture shock u know. ampunkanla daku.

So, do u wanna indulge urself in how my lunch revolves? i’ve been here for a month plus now..and i can say the most talked about topics are as below :

  1. anak – anak masuk tadika, anak potty training, anak requesting for adik baru are the hot topics, bila masa sesuai nak get pregnant la..adoii
  2. maid – maid terlebeh muda, maid nak ngorat laki, maid janda, maid pakai ilmu hitam, maid buat pojek kat umah smp ngandung anak indon mana tah..kesimpulannye tade maid laie bagus
  3. husband/mertua – cooking skills and driving skills are always questioned by these 2 sets of ppl
  4. food – ada yg malas nak kuar la, ada yg bibik masakkan la, ada yg nak jimat cost smgt bgn kul 530 pagi semata2 nak masak bekfas utk bekalkan bwk gi ofis..

at the end of the day, i cringe and wait till 530pm everyday coz rasa nak balikkkkkkkkkk je mcm adoii i wanna look for my fiance now!! i wanna talk about something fun now!! haha last2 after a month here, dah lali dah rasa. ko nak tapau ke..ko nk ckp pasal beli Pampers ke..nak ckp pasal husband ke mak mertua ke..telingaku ini akan menjadi pendengar setia..u can’t always have what u wished for rite? tak semestinya org tetua tak bes..haha..

but honestly speaking, ex-IELians from Maersk or those currently in Maersk..adoiii rindu gile korang!!


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